This is my personal, yet public writing site. It contains over a thousand different pieces of heartfelt perspective.

These words revolve around life experiences and insights I have had. Some of it is poetic in nature, while other traditional pieces hopefully shine a light on more complex situations. I have had an incredibly life with some unusual challenges along the way… and I hope that my perspective on life gives everyone a brighter, more capable, and more fulfilling karmic perspective on life.

If you are really looking for coffee specific poetry, you will find it here in the coffee directory. I encourage you to browse around and say hello.

A bit about me: During the day I work as a professional in the online business development space with things like Google and Twitter. Many people consider me professionally successful, but in all honesty this site and the writing within it details a level of success that far out-weighs my many professional accomplishments.
If you enjoy reading my personal writing, you can venture over to my more professional oriented sites at 123socialmedia.com (my company) and BarryHurd.com (my professional blog.)

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